Past Projects

Cultural Immersion Program with students from
Tamariki School
a democratic school in Christchurch, New Zealand

In November 2004, students from Tamariki School will spend 10 days traveling
around Thailand exploring sustainable ways of living, children’s projects,
alternative schools, national parks, ashrams and temples.


Youth Exchange with students from Haja Center
an alternative learning center in Seoul, South Korea

In July & August 2004, Hayashi and Shank spent two months in Thailand with
Whispering Seed working with local children creating music and art projects with them.

The Rainbow Caravan

Rin, Tuk and Dtu, three wonderful young Thai friends joined the whispering seed to start their project, The Rainbow Caravan. For three months they traveled around Thailand, playing music and organizing a Buddhist alms giving ceremony to raise money to purchase the new land for Whispering Seed.

University Environmental Club Camp &
Children Love Bird Club

The Environmental Club from Lamkampang University in Bangkok spent two weeks with the Whispering Seed in March 2004 working with children from the local villages and learning about sustainable ways of living. The Children Love Bird Club from Issan also joined us to work with the local children doing bird watching projects and a water detective project to learn about the health of the local river.


The Way of the Elephant
A 5 week cultural immersion program for
youth from Upattinas School in USA

In January-February of 2002, twelve high school students and one graduate spent 5 weeks traveling through Thailand to explore culture, identity, globalization and alternative education.
A 1 hour documentary film about their learning journey is also available.



6 Week Intensive Permaculture Training Course

In November-December 2003, we held the first Permaculture Design Course in Thailand. Instructor Rosemary Morrow from Australia came along with guest speakers from Cambodia and all over Thailand. The course brought people from Burma, Israel, England, Spain, France, USA and from all over Thailand.

Baan Din Workshop
Mud House Building

As part of the 6 week training in November-December 2003, we built our first mud brick house at the Whispering Seed,
the Giant Hobbit House. Children from the local school came to help make the bricks.



Global Community Gathering &
International Children’s Festival

For three years, we have helped to organize this gathering at three different children’s projects in Thailand. The gatherings have brought schools and groups from India, Japan, Korea, Russia, USA and from all over Thailand.


Click here for photos about of our trip to India

The World Social Forum, India &
Shikshantar’s Unfolding Learning Societies

January 2004, Mumbai, India