About us

Whispering Seed is a Myanmar based charitable organization focusing on the empowerment of youth and local communities by focusing on bridging sustainability and holistic education through our Living & Learning Centres.

We are a US registered 501 C3, tax-exempt charitable organization striving to bridge the traditions of sustainability and holistic education through innovative programs, trainings and design, drawing on the richness of local wisdom and traditional cultures along with renewed, socially appropriate models. We have been working in Myanmar and Thailand since 2004.

Sprouting Seeds Training Centre, Cafe, Bakery, Eco Shop and Kalaw Yoga Studio

have moved to a new location in downtown Kalaw!

We were fortunate to live in our old house in Kalaw for the last 5 years, where we ran Sprouting Seeds Cafe, Bakery, Eco Shop Training Centre for the last 2 years. However, the owners sold the house so at the end of February this year we moved out! Luckily, we have found a new location, closer to downtown with a large garden space, wooden bridge, small stream and 3 buildings to use. With all the new space we have room to grow in many new directions and offer more and more trainings to local youth.

New plans include the expansion of Kalaw Yoga and all the trainings we are providing local girls, more traditional cooking classes, supporting local trekking guides, new mountain bike rental, a potential juice bar and much much more!

With the new farm project (Whispering Earth Sustainability Training Centre) and the move of the new cafe and training centre, we need your help!

Support this amazing initiative now!

Please help us as we grow into this new and exciting transition for our project here in Kalaw and continue our project at Whispering Earth Sustainability Training Centre.

Your donations can be made directly through our  Global Giving campaign!

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Kalaw Yoga!

Our beautiful yoga studio above Sprouting Seeds Cafe.

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Feeling hungry? Come visit the bakery!

33 Station Street, Kalaw, Myanmar